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for those living with mental, emotional and physical ill-health, and special needs.

We offer an integrated pathway of support, healing and hope for every individual.

Healing Path to Wellness exists to alleviate the symptoms of those living with mental, emotional and physical ill-health, including distress, trauma, chronic pain and special needs; empowering a hope-filled life.

We offer a wide range of services which aim to restore hope and healing.

Meet the team and practitioners at Healing Path to Wellness.

HPTW currently meets in 3 locations across the Hunter Region.

I have so much to share about what has happened since my last session.  I’m experiencing peace in ways I have never felt and doors are re-opening for me in my life.  Thank you.
Counselling Guest
I suffered PTSD for over 20 years.  Since healing therapy and counselling, my seizures and emotional dysregulation has gone.
Healing Therapy Guest
I suffered from seizures for 25 years when triggered by lightning storms.  The flashes triggered grand mal seizures.  After healing therapy, I have not had another seizure looking at lightning again.  Instead, I now get to enjoy watching them.
Healing Therapy Guest
I came to HPTW with chronic pain.  After healing therapy, all my pain resolved and I no longer need any pain medications.
Healing Therapy Guest
I was concerned at first about having to do art as I am not a creative, however, I found the art therapy allowed me to tap into my feelings and reveal things I didn’t know existed.  I find having these art pieces at home  allows me to reflect, find support and comfort even after my sessions.  I learnt that you don’t have to be good at art to do art therapy and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Art Therapy Guest
My husband and I have just finished sessions with the relationship therapist.  I have noticed a dramatic difference in myself as well as a positive change within my husband and I.   Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of HPTW.
Counselling Guest

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HPTW summer recess

HPTW will begin a summer recess after Wednesday December 13  and resume services across our locations in early February 2024.  

Bookings can be made for 2024 by emailing: or calling: 02 4081 3800.

All the team at HPTW thank you for your participation with our services in 2023 and look forward to assisting you further in the new year.  Happy Christmas!