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Healing Path to Wellness (HTPW) is a registered Health Promotion Charity (HPC)  that exists to alleviate the suffering of those who are living with mental illness and chronic pain; empowering a hope-filled life.



To create an integrated pathway of support, healing and hope for every individual.


Craig Sparrow has a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Graduate Diploma in Divinity.  Craig has recently spent three years studying in USA exploring how to bring healing to those living with mental illness and chronic pain.

Therapy Co-ordinator and Art Therapist

Michelle Sparrow is an Art Teacher, Minister and Therapist. She has a Bachelor of Teaching/Visual Arts and a Diploma of Art Therapy.  Michelle has spent three years in USA exploring the link between art and healing.

Counsellor and Family Therapist: Catherine Gray

Catherine has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Health Science (Drug and Alcohol). She is an experienced DBT, CBT and ACT counsellor with 17 years of experience working at NSW Health Drug and Alcohol Clinic. She is able to provide assessment, case management, counselling and referral.

Counsellor and Family Therapist: Karen Hays

Karen is an experienced social worker (B. Social Work) and counsellor with enthusiasm and commitment for training and equipping healthy families, including parenting skills and child behavioural development.

Counsellor and Family Therapist: Elizabeth Cobby

Elizabeth has an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy & Integrated Psychotherapy. She is a qualified Eye Movement Integration Therapist and will complete her clinical training and qualifications in Resource Therapy in late 2019. Both of these are trauma informed and strength based trauma processing models. She is an experienced Christian counsellor and is passionate about restoring hope to her clients through support and empowerment to heal, grow and move forward in life.

Counsellor: Chloe Threadgate

Chloe has completed a Diploma in Counselling, BA in Psychological Science and is currently completing her MA in Counselling. She has a passion for counselling all, with particular interest in mental health and young people.  She is also a chaplain in a primary school.

Nutritionist and Herbalist: Dr Amanda Reimann

Amanda holds a Bachelor degree in Advanced Science and Arts and is vastly experienced working as a nutritionist and herbalist.  As a Biochemist, she did her PhD on the effects of oxidative stress in ageing and neurodegenerative diseases.  She is passionate about supporting the emotional well-being of her clients and educating people about the principles of natural health.

Counsellor and Relationship Therapist: Fiona Mallard

Fiona has a Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy. She has taught second year counselling students, is a counselling supervisor and has worked for The Salvation Army. She also works in private practice. Fiona uses various modalities in assisting clients to move towards increased insight and supported strategies for healing and greater wholeness. 

Sozo Counsellors: Ps Garry and Ps Kylie Hill

Garry and Kylie are pastors in the ACC movement and have been Sozo Counsellors for the past three years.  Sozo (Greek word for healed and delivered) is a gentle yet powerful counselling model that enables an individual to connect with the love and truth of God.  Gary and Kylie are passionate to help individuals, suffering from the effects of the past, experience hope.

Art Therapist: Karen O’Dell

Karen is an artist and therapist.  She has a Bachelor of Visual arts and Diploma of Art Therapy and enjoys using the creative process to help release people out of traumatic experiences of their past into hope-filled pathways.


Gallop Strength Finder Coach: Gail Vine

Gail has a Bachelor of Education and is a registered Gallop Strengths Finder coach.  She is passionate to empower clients to better understand themselves and enhance their relational connections.

Life and Personal Coach: Ian Edwards

Ian is a registered AIPC life and business coach. He has three coaching diplomas and is a certified behavioural analyst in DISC and emotional intelligence.  Ian has a passion to help people find their destiny and calling for life. He wants to see people become whole in mind and body.

Gallop Strength Finder Coach: Josh Vine

Josh has a Bachelor of Education and is a registered Gallop Strengths Finder coach.  He is passionate to unlock confidence and potential in every individual helping them to understand their talents and next step in life.