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What is a Community-Led Safe Space?

A Community-led Safe Space is a ‘drop in’ style space that provides a warm, welcoming environment as a non- clinical alternative to acute clinical services such as an emergency department for people who are experiencing emotional distress or suicidal crisis. People attending the Community-led Safe Spaces are referred to as ‘guests’ rather than clients, consumers or patients.

The Community-led Safe Space is staffed by trained volunteer Peer CARE Companions, who have their own lived experience of suicide, and who are best placed to provide compassionate, empathetic support to guests. These peers can connect with others through the mutual understanding that comes with meaningful shared experience.

This model of safe space represents a genuine Tier 4 within the National Safe Spaces Network (5 tiers), for which Standards are soon to be developed.

What are the values of the safe space?

A trauma-informed approach acknowledges the importance of understanding and responding to the impact of trauma, particularly in relation to people’s previous experiences while seeking support.

It is important to remember that the purpose of the Community-led Safe Space is to provide a space where the guest is supported to reduce their emotional distress or suicidal thoughts and behaviours in a safe environment. This is achieved by helping them identify their own needs, at their own pace, and engage in activities that they determine will help them, with volunteers’ support.

Having compassionate and capable volunteers with their own lived experience of suicide is fundamental to the Community- led Safe Space model. Consideration must be given to the mix of volunteers that provide support to guests within the Community-led Safe Space, as well as the processes that support these volunteers.

How can I get involved?

We are in the preparation phase for the launch of the first non-clinical suicide prevention safe space in Lake Macquarie.  

We are seeking expressions of interest from individuals who have a lived experience of suicide to volunteer as CARE companions.

A lived experience of suicide is having experienced suicidal thoughts, survived a suicide attempt, supported a loved one through suicidal crisis, or been bereaved by suicide.

Training for volunteers will be offered to successful candidates.  WWCC and Police Checks will be required for each application.

Contact for more information.